What is LesBlocs Builders Society?

LesBlocs Builders Society
3 min readNov 30, 2021

Blockchain technologies and decentralization are fueling the fire that is driving the next internet revolution. Blockchain gaming, metaverses, DeFi and NFTs are only few of the innovations that are enabled by blockchains. We strongly believe that cryptocurrency mining and operating nodes are some of the best ways to contribute to different blockchain networks, hence why we decided to launch the LesBlocs Builders Society.

Our goal is to create a community driven blockchain infrastructure provider that will be eco-friendly, innovative and profitable. By eco-friendly, we mean that we want to use green renewable energy sources (just to make sure Elon doesn’t gets too mad at us), or maybe even build an installation that is completely autonomous (geothermal and/or solar produced electricity). The latter may not be an immediate priority, however being based in Quebec, Canada, we have access to a cheap green electricity source: hydroelectricity. Indeed, 99% of the electricity produced in Quebec is either hydro(95%) or wind(4%) powered. There’s so much electricity produced in Quebec compared to the demand that they end up selling lots of it to the rest of Canada and to the US (mostly the State of New York). To put things in perspective, the average household electricity rate is around two times cheaper in Quebec than in the US. Also, costs associated to the cooling of equipments (miners produce lots of heat) are very much reduced given the fact that it’s a country with a very chill climate (it gets freaking freezing here during winter actually). All that being said, being based in Quebec is a clear advantage for anyone who wants to build these kinds of installations.

On an other note, the LesBlocs Builders Society is an NFT project based on Solana. Every LesBlocs is an original unique NFT artwork stored on the Solana blockchain that will grant you an exclusive access to LesBlocs Builders Society. Being a member will give the Builders lots of benefits coming from the LesBlocs’s ecosystem, including monthly rewards from the Rewards wallet, exclusive access to LesBlocs services and a say in the development of the LesBlocs Center, which will be built in Quebec and will host all the infrastructure.The Builders will get to shape the future of the LesBlocs Center by submitting BAPs (Builders Acquisition Proposals) and by voting for whatever infrastructure they want implemented. Furthermore, there will be many series to the NFT LesBlocs collection, all of which will be airdropped to the holders of the genesis mint. The NFTs contained in each of these drops will give specific perks.

One of the other main value proposal of the project is the exclusive crypto mining hosting service that we will offer to the members of the society. We will give more detail on this in an upcoming article, but it will be somewhat similar to what compagnies like Compass Mining offer, only there will be much more options and it will be cheaper (and of course we will add some innovative features). We also plan to develop a NFT project collab program, where we will offer our hosting services to projects to help them fund their DAOs (also more info on that at a later date).

Revenues generated by the center with the mining/nodes and with the hosting service will be split between the Reward and the Infrastructure wallets. The Reward wallet will be used to reward (duh) the holders of the LesBlocs NFTs, while the Infrastructure wallet will be used to grow the project (BAPs or any other initiatives suggested by the community).

By doing all this, we hope to build a very engaged community that will be motivated to help us bring more value to the project. We have many more plans, such as merchandise (of course), educational content, our own utility token and much more. We will give more information for everything in upcoming articles. Until then, check out our website and our Twitter for more hints on what’s coming and to stay updated!

Website : www.lesblocsbuilders.com

Twitter : https://twitter.com/LesBlocsBUIDL